Now is the time to take action to improve how you feel.

Acupuncture, combined with deep tissue massage can help you recover from injury faster, restore balance and achieve your optimum health.

When you're free from pain you feel better. When you can move without limitations you perform better. When you have loads of energy people notice that you look better. And when you sleep deeply, everything is easier.

Now is a good time to do something to deal with those things that stop you living, working, exercising and performing in the way you know you can and want to.


Acupuncture works by activating physiological changes to regulate metabolic function and bring about balance, helping you:

• Feel more energetic

• Relieve pain

• Alleviate stress

• Sleep peacefully

With University qualifications in Acupuncture and over fifteen years clinical experience, you can be confident you are in safe hands.

My work in private practice in the UK and hospitals in Australia and China has given me expertise in treating a range of conditions, so if you’re unsure whether acupuncture is suitable for you, phone me now to discuss it ++34 638 42 3575.

I use disposable needles for every treatment and combine acupuncture with other therapies including massage, to ensure you get the results you want. I have a track record of achieving results quickly and will review your progress to ensure that treatments meet your expectations and needs.

Take control of your health- contact me today ++34 638 42 3575

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